5 Free Impressive Resume Templates For Job Seekers

With the world getting informal day to day, you don’t just need to follow the old concepts. Resume building has always been a hard task for job seekers. And to be precise, job seekers in Pakistan are always concerned about their resumes.

We’ve always heard about the importance of resumes in getting a job. Employers, professionals and HR managers, all put job seekers in doubt by saying that they must have to follow the traditional forms of building a resume.

With time, creative professionals have come up with new ideas. They’ve introduced job seekers with new and attractive resumes. All are very impressive and trend changing and for all. But to be specific, these new templates are best for the web and graphic designers, the animators, the video and audio editors and all those relating to some creative fields.

Luckily we live in a world, which is more web-savvy and interactive and speaks job seekers’ language. I’ve found some really impressive free resume templates on the web. Just by reviewing those, made my day and put an energetic soul within me. You too can learn great ideas from these, and also can impress the reader and get a dream job in any organization in Pakistan.

Here are some of the coolest resume templates for creative minds:

This trendy looking template is designed by Rochmanu Yahya and it can be downloaded from iBrandStudio.

Resume Templates For Developers In Pakistan

This resume template is by Rafi, a graphic designer and a blogger. This resume template can be downloaded from GraphicsFuel.

Resume Template For Web And Graphic Designer In Pakistan

This resume template is designed by Asif Aleem, a designer, blogger and an entrepreneur. You can get this template from FreebiesGallery.

Resume Template For Bloggers And Designers

This is another creative idea for resumes. Download this free resume template from Cursiveq.

Resume Template For Mnagers

This is designed by Rob Hendricks and can be downloaded from Dribbble.

Resume Template For UI Designer

Now you would be wondering “All these free resume templates are for creative professionals. But let me assure you, anyone can have these. All they need is to be creative themselves.

So, job seekers from Pakistan and around the world, it is time to change the trend, be creative and impressive. And no matter if you’re looking for some graphic designing jobs in Pakistan or finance jobs in Pakistan, you just need to come up with a new and creative idea of your own, and get the best job opportunity.


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